Lodging - Bearded Antler Outfitter
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Our interior is warm with a touch of rustic elegance with wood burning fireplaces, and a gorgeous view from the porch overlooks the ranch. We can accommodate up to eight total tenants while providing midday room cleaning service. The outdoor fire ring is where the majority of time is spent telling the days hunting stories. We also offer a variety of gourmet and good old fashioned home cooking.


There is a fee of $225 per day, per hunter which includes full guide service, lodging, meals, snacks, beverages, skinning and quartering of your trophy animal. The amenities below are also included.


We offer a total occupancy of 6, with three bedroom options including the King, Queen, and Twin rooms.


Amenities include a shooting range, skeet shooting, fishing, and a game room.

Taxidermy & Meat Processing

Taxidermy and meat processing are available at several local companies. Transport arrangements for your trophy and meat can be made with the staff prior to your departure from the ranch.